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Why The (Sekolah Kebangsaan) Will Make Your Children Dumb And Poor. Or 'Why Stupid Is A Choice'

Why The (Sekolah Kebangsaan) Will Make Your Children Dumb And Poor. Or 'Why Stupid Is A Choice'

1.  Chinese schools a boon to national unity

survey shows 18% students in Chinese schools bumis

more bumi students enrolled in Chinese schools

increased % of bumis in Chinese primary schools deserves serious thought

why Malay parents send children to Chinese schools instead?
middle, upper-class Malay parents reluctant to send children to national schools

poor quality of teachingsingle-race managementincreasing Islamisation seeping indisciplinary issuespoor maintenance and outdated IT infrastructure.

Chinese schools have strict discipline, high quality teaching.
have won hearts of many Malay parents.

increasing religionisation among national schools push factor

imperative national schools review religious policies

concentrate on improving teaching quality

18% bumi enrolment proves Chinese schools accepted by all ethnics

National schools little success in luring non-Malays

mere 4% non-bumi students attend these schools.

Chinese primary schools boast more diverse racial make-up.
interracial mingling Chinese schools do much better

promoting freer mingling among students of all races.

important role of Chinese schools to bridge ethnicgap

Chinese primary schools not stumbling block to national unity.
they are catalyst for greater social integration – Asia News Network

2.      Study: Chinese schools may be mainstream in 10 years

five reasons why non-Malay parents not sending children to national schools
2-year research reveals that in 10 years, Chinese schools will be mainstream

replace national schools
likely to be more multiracial

number of Malay children stands at 18 % this year.

national schools have 4% non-Malays

Chinese schools had 18% non-Chinese students.

These numbers (in Chinese schools) expected to go up each year.

within 10 years to become mainstream

more non-Chinese refusing to send kids to national schools

Education Blueprint target for more Chinese, Indian students likely to fail

more parents planning to register children in vernacular schools

five reasons middle and upper income parents stay away from national schools.

1. poor teaching and delivery by teachers

2. admin of national schools dominated by one race

3. schools too Islamic

4. disciplinary issues major problem

5. schools not maintained well, outdated computers.

teachers good in particular subject be appointed head of subject

so that teacher able to guide other teachers well.

if Indian teacher good in English, should be heading that unit.

But preference given to someone not capable of guiding others.

same with school’s principal.

head of school should be most capable to run a school.

should not be preference according to race.

Parents just want someone who is capable of teaching, disciplining kids.

If this done, govt will regain confidence and attract non-Malays to national schools

constant clash between Muslim and non-Muslim parents.

Muslim parents felt not enough Islam in national schools

non-Muslim parents not in favour of religious recitations

non-Muslim uncomfortable with audio reciting religious songs during school

constant tug-of-war on this issue

causing many non-Muslim parents to send children to Chinese or private schools.

Malay parents concerned child not able to catch up with fast moving world

Malay parents wanted kids to excel in mathematics

loved up-to-date computer and sports facilities at Chinese schools.

They know their children are in good hands

Pres of Mubarak said national schools become de facto Malay schools

this hampered fostering unity among races.

only Malays in these schools

labelled national schools Malay secondary schools.

My comments :  Actually this post is about Petronas,  University Vice Chancellors and such.

First here is a cartoon a Malay friend sent to me. The cartoon is in Malay :

That "kabel" is our oil money. Oil money comes from our oil wealth.

Oil wealth means Petronas. Plus all other oil companies that operate in Malaysia.

At one time the dividends and taxes paid by Petronas to the government totalled RM65 BILLION !!

Plus taxes and oil royalties paid by other oil companies operating in Malaysia,  the gomen's financial survival is dependent on oil money.

Do you all recall one time when MAS went bust, Petronas bailed out MAS? Yup, our oil money was used to buy planes for MAS. It was a bail out.Then Petronas bailed out Bank Bumiputra TWICE  (in 1984, 1989) - a few billion Ringgits were involvedPetronas bailed out  Proton.I believe Petronas also bailed out KTM once. (Can anyone recall? I could not find it on the web. Kalau tak ada oops!)Petronas funded our FI Racing Circuit.Petronas money built Putrajaya (Putrajaya Development Bhd)Petronas money built the twin towers,  the KLCC.etc etc
The point I am making is, we have been burning our oil money.

So here is a question: Who will bail out Petronas?

What if Petronas goes bust or Petronas runs out of cash, then which other cash cow industry do we have that can bail out Petronas and give the gomen money to burn?

The quick answer is : None.  This is the end of the line.

So the gomen has no choice but to start milking the biggest cash cow in the country. There is a huge cash cow in the country.
It is a real 'lembu'.
That is you and me folks.
We are now the lembu tunai (cash cow).

Through the GST, we have stepped in to close the huge hole caused by the depleting oil revenues for the gomen. That RM40+ BILLION or so GST they are collecting every year directly from us  is to plug the lost oil revenues.

The oil money was a 40 year honeymoon.
It is now history.
Now it is the dawn of the age of the lembu.

Can the lembu provide?
Can they milk the population for RM40 - 50 BILLION each year?

To answer this question, look at that list of Petronas bailouts again, items 1 - 7.

Bank Bumi, MAS, Proton,  F1, Putrajaya, KLCC, etc etc.  All that money did not go into building capacity.

All that money was used to REMOVE COMPETITION IN THE ECONOMY.In particular, all that money was spent TO REMOVE AND SHIELD THE MALAYS / BUMIS  FROM COMPETITION.
That is why that cartoon sent to me by my Malay friend is exactly to the point.

Mrs Burung is telling Mr Burung, '..tak payah berlagak sangat. Kita duduk tinggi ini pun sebab ada kabel.'

For 40 years our oil money was used as wallpaper.
To cover all the cracks and all the fungus growing on the walls.

We did not use the oil money to teach Mr and Mrs Burung to build a solid, free standing house.(Berdikari went out the window).

Now the party is over.  The cracks are getting bigger.
The fungus is growing through the wall paper.
There is no more "oil money" to wallpaper all the problems away.

Kabel akan putus.

So a large section of our population (ie the Malays/ bumiputras) will face problems trying to provide for themselves as well as pay that GST. They will become poorer.

Now we go back to education.

Education always has, it still can and it always willprovide the capacity for any community to advance itself - socially, politically, economically even "religiously" (they should grow out of it).

Education is not just passing exams, learning chemical formulas or solving maths problems.  Education is much wider than that. Education must mould people to become useful and competitive human beings who inhabit this planet earth. Useful not just to themselves or competitive not just among themselves but useful to all human beings and other creatures and competitive with the whole world at large.

Now, why isnt our gomen school system doing that in sufficient enough quantity for the Malays / bumiputras?

increasing Islamisation seeping inpoor teaching and delivery by teachers admin of national schools dominated by one race schools too Islamic disciplinary issues major problem schools not maintained well, outdated computers.
Why are the Chinese schools (and now the super charged Tamil schools)  doing so much better than the gomen schools?  May I make a suggestion? Why not walkover to the Chinese and Tamil schools and ask them "Yo, what is your secret?"

It was not always like this. Until the 1970s and early 80s our government schools were just about as good as any in Singapore or in other advanced countries.
The Malay proverb says, 'bila sesat dihujung jalan, balik ke pangkal jalan'.

So why not just go back to the fantastic system that we had until the early 1980s? Just undo all the damage that has crept into the system since then. Apa susah sangat?

Just swallow the pride, the ego and the stupidity. After all,   '..tak payah berlagak sangat.  Kita duduk tinggi ini pun sebab ada kabel.'

The wall paper experiment has failed. The 40 year honeymoon under the luxury of burning oil moneyis over.

Malay readers, figure this out.  Whether you like it or not, the Chinese people perform very well in their studies. Malaysian Chinese have become world class academics, professors and researchers.     I know Malaysian Chinese who hold two professorships simultaneously - one here in Malaysia and another overseas (in Australia and one more in the US).   They are internationally well regarded.

And yet not one of our public universities in Malaysia (IPTA) have a Chinese as a Vice Chancellor. Seorang pun tak ada.

Instead we have kangkung professors in so many IPTAs.  And one Persatuan Professor Kangkung recently came out in support of the kleptocracy over the 1MDB scandal. That tells you how kangkung they are.

So Malay readers figure this out.
You send your kids to the local IPTAs to be taught by these professors.
Do you think your kids have a good chance of graduating as first class performers?
You think your kids can compete in the real world?
I dont think so.
They are doomed.

I want to end this by showing that cartoon again :

This is a very sad cartoon. It is a very bad cartoon. Worse it is a very true cartoon.

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