Saturday, June 26, 2010


Molly (Alice Eve) is a sexy event planner who is delayed by a sleazy airport security guard. Another security guard, Kirk (Jay Baruchel) comes to her rescue, and passes her through to catch her plane. Luckily, Kirk finds Molly's phone that she left behind, and from the plane, Molly calls her phone and invites Kirk to a party to return her phone when she returns. Kirk is smitten by Molly, but his friends point out to him that he doesn't have a chance, because he is only rated as a "5" and Molly is definitely a "10". And as everybody knows, you can only date a girl who is only "2" above your score, so that means Kirk can only successfully date a "7". However, Molly has something else in mind, because she has found that Kirk is sweet, amusing, honest, and different from the men she has been dating. Kirk, on the other hand, has one big insecurity problem; Kirk believes Molly will dump him as soon as she realizes her mistake. Under these circumstances, and everything working against Kirk and Molly, is it possible for them to build a relationship that will bloom and flourish?

Opss..sebelum layan movie ni, pastikan anak-anak anda di bawah umur mendapat bimbingan daripada anda. Atas umur takpe, layan. Untuk makluman, rasanya lebih drp 231 patah perkataan 'F.U.C.K' dalam skrip citer ini ye...~

Memula tengok title pon, cam ntah pape le movie ni kan. Membazir je kan. Watch out..sebelum layan, jangan menidakkan kualiti  SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE ni. Series layan giler wa cakap lu, sama layan gak cam Karate Kid & The A Team. Aksi selambe loklaq si Kirk akan buat korg terpikir ntah pape pasal si lelaki nih, nk ngorat tapi menggelabah. Salah satu scene, belum pape, tetiba je terpancut sebelum beraksi. Aiseyyy....filem komedi romantik ni akan buat korang gelak sepanjang tayangan. Series lawak dowh. Lately ni, banyak lak release citer lawak kan. Lawak bukan sebarang lawak, still terselit gak moral of the stories. Yup, 'CINTA ITU BUTA'..ahazk...nah amik 4 out of 5 bintangS !!!

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