Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nuffnang Special Screening - TOOTH FAIRY

Yes, you are right, I am a movie crazy. And Nuffnang supports my addict!
I tell you the reason.
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Malaysia, Nuffang is giving out 90 pairs of invitation to the special screening of Tooth Fairy this 25 January!
So, to make 1 pairs of them is in my hand, I have to complete my mission to collect the tooth from underneath the pillow of a child. But how?
I'm a Tooth Fairy with The Magic Remote!!!

So, what can I do with the remote? Since it is a magic remote, I use it to control the mind of that child. I make the child in deep sleep, or maybe its better to make them in very nice dreams. By one finger touch, I give the child a sweet moments, like they are in heaven. They could play whatever they want. They could eat how much chocolate they want. They could do anything what they want to do. It's just a dream. Who cares?
I told you, I use my Magic Remote okkey. I'm a new version of Tooth Fairy.  So, there's a GPS system on my Magic Remote!! I can trace which part of the underneath pillow that locate the tooth. Since the child is in a very sweet dreams, I can sneak to the pillow to get the tooth. Easy and simple. Just get it and put in my mouth pocket.
Thank a lot kidz! My mission is completed. So, I am going to watch my 'Tooth Fairy' movie without any assigntment.Am i right mr Nuffnang?..

Pic:The new version of Tooth Fairy. Doing my part time job as a security guard at the kelong/trap.

With the wing, I can fly to the cinema; easily to have a good movie like :


Khairi said...

salam jmr,

ni pos untuk contest nuff ke? wah wah. good luck!


Iznie said...


gud luck...!

p/s : bodek nuff erk... :)

JMR said...

khairi & iznie : tenkiu so much:-)

HEMY said...

aku nk join gak ar ini contest

atty's said...


~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...

ur wing kale merah.. mcm baju gak...