Friday, January 15, 2010


 Sesaje wat forum kt GB, nak tgk gak brapa dan apa respon dr blogger lain yg jadi agen NN. Thanx all. Aku just post 2yg terbest ni jer..

Anyway, here are 5 reasons why Nuffnang will not fail:
1) Celebrity Bloggers

Nuffnang has celebrity bloggers on their side, e.g. Xiaxue and Dawn
Yang in Singapore, and Kenny Sia and Jeff Ooi in Malaysia. Why is that
a big deal? Any advertiser who has the budget will want these blogs in
their campaign - no question about it. So if I wanted an ad on Xiaxue’s
blog, I’d have to give Advertlet’s a miss no matter how nice Josh
treats me.

2) No Slack

Nuffnang’s operation is as lean as it gets, meaning good efficiency and
capital preservation. I visited the office and lets just say that most
of us won’t be enthusiastic about the place. Even the employees are
based in Malaysia to save costs. Seeing all these probably helps me
appreciate their efforts in holding events still, and to understand why
the $1 fee is necessary.

3) Good System

Nuffnang has developed a good set of systems for managing both bloggers and advertisers. It’s easy to see that the compensation had to be
is designed to benefit bloggers because they don’t want you leaving the
network or for advertisers to approach you directly. Conversely, the
model for advertisers is equally attractive (though rare) and their
targetting seems to work well, which would explain their above-average

4) Ardent Supporters

Nuffnang seems to have managed to garner strong support from at least most
bloggers and advertisers alike. Despite the shortage of resources, they
have made conscious efforts to engage bloggers by holding events.
What’s interesting though is how similar efforts were hurled at
advertisers too, e.g. Ming invited advertisers/marketers to his home
and cooked for them!

5) Strong Management Team

Although only 24 years old, Ming is confident with what he’s doing -
something that can be easily mistaken for arrogance. He is very focused
on blog advertising, and it’s not some money-making “attempt” to expand
a business into unfamiliar territory.

The only problem I foresee is Nuffnang’s network growing too
quickly. While having 10,000 bloggers is a great value proposition, it
also presents a problem - you must sell more ads or risk bloggers
complaining about running only Nuffnang ads. This is a bigger problem
in Singapore, where advertisers are only starting to warm up to the

Of course, there are some temporary workarounds that can be
implemented while waiting for demand to catch up and I have suggested
this to Ming, along with some other suggestions. Let’s see what he does
with them.

If you still have doubts, my advice is to look for where the big
fishes are advertising because they give an indication of who commands
a bigger premium. I’m not sure about Advertlets but Nuffnang seems to
have some pretty big name clients like Nike, Honda and Citibank.

Even just jawapan copy paste, tapi thanx for D'info to Ezany.  
 Dan ni lak jawapan kak jie, penuh dedikasi&motivasi.

betullah tu - jangan terlalu obsesi dan addicted - hidup biar sedap
bina penjenamaan blog yang mamtap , kemudian dptlah advertorial
proses ini bkn berlaku dlm sekelip mata
tips atau panduan yang kita baca adalah pembuka jalan
selebihnya diri sendiri perlu ada 'common sense' untuk membuatkan diri kita adalah 'diri kita' bukan kennysia, bukan redmummy  bukan paultan, bukan hanis zulaikha, bukan emila yusof, irfan khairi , saiful isham - dh byk lagi top 100 malaysia's blogs


PinQib said...

ooh., klu nuffnang tutp, hilang la seringgit ak

kawie2020 said...

yup.. kalau atas kertas sesebuah organisation tu hidup selama2nya.. mungkin tidak nuffnang akan tutup kan..:)

Kujie said...

sebelum kita fikir nuffnang tu nak tutup ke tidak, baik tengok diri kita ni...


kita yang TUTUP MATA dulu dari nuffnang..hehehehe

blog je macam biasa - fun fun sambil2 sharing apa yang patut - duit memang seronok, ok..jangan nak tipu tak seronok dpt duit tapi nak dapat duit kenalah usaha...

JMR said...

terbaik la kak blogger dah bg respon..btol cam biasa je. sempoi la kak jie:-)

JMR said...

bro kawie idol aku!!heheh.. mungkkin tidak..

muhdzahari said...

nuffnang, semasa baru dulu, ada juga masalah. lepas tu keluar advertlets. masa tu masa belum tulis blog lagi, cuma baca je. he he..
tapi sekarang memang mantap juga nuffnang ni. :)

~0~ said...

setuju ngan ckp kak jie tue..

Redbloodsnow said...

yuupppp true truee. those ar reasons y nuffnang x akan gulung tikar...iduppp nufff nufff

hehe :P

sI tEDI said...

nuff satu bonus! apa yg penting berblog seikhlas mungkin!

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