Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A talk in 325i

On the way back to home from ampang, in the black 325i, i got a nice talk with mchek(my aunt).The talk? Ya, its like a conversation between family members, maybe a normal conversation but, the word is so meaningful to the one who understand it.
At one part, she said,

"Theres no shortcut to success,its all about hardworking"
I'm thinking of that statement
Exactly,100% correct! doubt!!
whatever you are, if u do the job very hard( means, not just for 24hrs, up to 25hrs ok!)
for sure the 'success' is yours
Same goes when u involved in business
need a lot of sacrifices to be a successful businessman/woman
no matter what is the scope of business
and when u succeed
never ever be a 'melayu mudah lupa'
'arrogant/berlagak/sombong'-dont do that
kick ur 'malu' faraway and be strong to face the client's tongue
'mengalah bukan bererti kalah'
its a simple sentences rite?but theres something hidden behind the word..
'lu pikir la sendiri woo!!!!!

Thanx a lot, shes a good aunty. She is the one in family who knows a lot of my secrets and up to 90% knows who i am. Very Sporting & Very Caring. I feel good to share the thing that i cant share it with the other.

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