Monday, July 27, 2009

Nice SundaY

My Sunday start with chitchat @ Borneo Rainforest(12am is Sun aite??)
Then, had a 'sahur' @Uptown K.D with mee goreng manis.Manis shit!
To Waffy, 'How do u noe im there at that time haa??'
To DikD, 'How to pronounce "P.E.D.A.L"??
Reached home@4am..need some rest..
'tido2 ayam till 7am..+- 3hrs quality sleep was enough 4me at that time'
8am departd to meet Malia @ Desa Pandan
had breakfast @ nice stall tepi jalan
as usual, nescafe tarik is my compulsory menu for a day:-)
To Kolid-sorry, no time to wait u wake up from ur bed:-p

10pm-@Pandan Laku CLub-hepi meeting with super duper fabulous senior.
overall,wut can say bout the game is I like the bowling tournament like this!(5star)
pecah perut aku gelakkan ngn seraf&etc.

After game, lepaking @ OldTown Ampang.
Nice chitchat with them.
Mukoh is a difference personality&i respect u bro!

Then, met up DikD & had dinner@teppanyaki.
Bru stop jamming perot nih..huh..
Have to fetch up 'mchek&gangs' coz of the car was breakdown..again!
shit!so oldskool kah??
so tired & need a rest,otherwise tido time drive.
had a nap @bilik karaoke smbil dgr diorg memekak..fuh!
for my dinner-BBQ at home with aunty nani's family.

sekian laporan utk minggu ini.

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