Monday, July 20, 2009

Be A Good Gurl

let bygones be bygones
dont point at ur fate & dont blame urself coz it wont change anything
set ur mind to change the all things , look at ur future& be a better one
if the tears really make u in relief, then i'll lend my shoulder for u
don't be afraid about the others words
coz they dont know what i know
dont make me in frust.
The Past Is Past
don't ask me either u r a bad or not. Bcoz the answer is depends on u.
wateva happened, nothing gonna change my care on u.
Be stronger than yesterday
wash ur bad moment clean
As clean As u can
Do transform to the new of You.
Always pray for ur happiness & here i am FOR YOU.

**the word is dedicated to someone that i love to see her happy go lucky style**

-first time blogging from my new home, not bad!:-)-


mummysyafie said...

bertuah si gadis tu yer...yep yang lepas tu biar lepas kan. pandang ke depan terus..perjalanan masih jauh.

JMR said...

shes a good sister..:-)
hope she will be stronger to face the real world..:-)