Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's a tiring day

so tired tonite
since the morning, drove to her place
being as her driver to the institute to take the certificate
bla..bla..bla.. smbil thn kencing
then went to the 'bandor'
looking for the shop, selling a wedding preparation things
looking for the 'something'
didt find as what she want
looking for the next shop..didn't get what she want
n walking for the other shop..still can't find the right want
its so hot syg
lets looking for the right till u got what u want
finally..got it!
alhamdulillah..n im so starving..
lets looking for the right things for my 'perot'
yey.....nice food with the cheap price..
n then...further for the next searching..ayoyoyo
looking for the baju dinner..aduh...
u r quite a perfectionist
thanx God
seb baik kjp jer...
penat..but got the sweet moments


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